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Video Games!

Final Fantasy 7

My personal favorite game out of the entire series. The amazing story, soundtrack, and conceptually interesting characters/ settings are enough to make me believe this is the best JRPG on the PS1. The story line in the game is one that is very "go-ahead" with very little boring quests. The classic turned based combat system is exhilirating, fast paced, and keeps the player's adreneline running which causes battles to seem like less of a burden you are required to take on to progress and more something fun you look forward to.On top of all these things there is an added variety of mini games and challenges that keep the player interested in the game while taking a break from the story/ combat. The only negative for some people is the big time investment, but the pay offs in the game are worth it!
You are just a puppet... You have no heart... and cannot feel any pain... How can there be any meaning in the memory of such a being? What I have shown you is reality. What you remember, that is the illusion.

FFVII Screenshots


雪の博麗神社。間欠泉は止まる事は無かったが、幽霊や怨霊と言った地底の霊が湧いてくる事は無くなった。地底の住人は思った以上に今を楽しみ、平和に満足していた様である。地上の妖怪が危惧したような企みも野望もとうに失われ、地上を攻め入ろうとする者は愚かな動物に僅か見られただけだった。これからは地底都市も恐れる事はない。霊夢達も比較的自由に行き来出来る様になった。その代わり、地底の妖怪もちょくちょく地上に顔を出す様になったのだが。。。。。 霊夢 「でさ、何か釈然としないんだけど」///魔理沙「鴉が熱すぎて間欠泉が止まらない。猫が困って地上に怨霊でサインを送っていた、って事だろ?」 霊夢 >>>「鴉が熱すぎる理由は神様を飲み込んだからでしょ?色々と判ってきたんだけど……でも、誰かが何らかの目的で鴉に力を与えたんじゃなくて?力を与えた理由がさっぱり判らないの」魔理沙「そこんとこ、どうなんだ?」魔理沙「そこんとこ、どうなんだ?」神社の茶の間には何食わぬ顔で空とお燐がいた。彼女達はすっかり神社に馴染み、間欠泉で茹でたというゆで卵を頬張っていた。魔理沙「温泉卵ならいくらでもあるから食べても構わんが、そろそろ何が起こったのかをだなぁ」~~ 空 「うーん。何度も言ってるけど、私が灼熱地獄跡で遊んでいたら地上から神様が降りてきてね『この辺の地獄鴉で一番強い者を捜してるの』って言ってきたんでそれなら私ですって即答したわ。そしたら『なら、貴方に力を与えます』って貰っちゃった」。。。霊夢 「おかしな話ねぇ。 地上の神様がそんな事する意味が全く判らないんだけど。 旧地獄の底にいる鴉に力を与えて誰が何の得をするの?」お燐 >>>「もぐもぐ。 灼熱地獄跡も昔はあそこまで熱くなかったのさぁ。 地底が地獄から切り離された時から、徐々に冷え込んで いってね。 特にさとり様が上に地霊殿で蓋してからは暗く寂しくなった もんさ。 でも、おくうがおかしくなってから急激に火力が増したのよ。 間欠泉の制御もままならない位にね。 もぐもぐ」霊夢 「……灼熱地獄が再燃する事で誰かが得をするのかな? もう一度、その力を与えた神様について思い出して欲しいの。 どんな風貌だったのか、何か目的を話していなかったかとか」!!~~霊夢と魔理沙はうすうす感じていた。 その神様とはあの山の上にいる二人の神様なのではないかと。お燐 「そんな事より温泉造ろうよ。 間欠泉の周りにさ、温泉入ってくいっと……溜らないねぇ」..

Brief Intro
"Touhou is a top down 2D bullet shooter created by Zun, a Japanese doujin-game developer on the PC-98 where the first five games were hosted and has developed into a series on Windows with a total of 15 games so far. The game player consists of the player controlling the protagonists dodging through sets of complicated arrangements of bullets called “danmaku”.Apart from the talents of Zun the game is most notably recognized by it's dedicated fan base who have created a whole sub culture to Touhou soundtrack remixes, fan art, animated videos, etc.

The first Touhou game I have played was Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, which I had heard about through friends while I was in high school. Ever since I have played it I have been completely immersed in all things related to the series.

Favorite 2hu game is Embodiment of Scarlet Devil

Best fan games: Touhoumon

Nitori Kawashiro is best 2hu

I'm not really picky about genres but if I had to choose a couple of favorites they would have to be survival horror, MMO shooters, and fantasy games

My top 10 games of all time are Pokemon Ruby , Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, Dark Souls, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, Resident Evil 4, Final Fantasy VII, Touhou Embodiment of Scarlett Devil (for the THIRD TIME!!!), Smash Broes Series (all of them, except numero uno), Ratchet and Clank Up Your Arsenal, and the E-Reader (not a game but I'll give it a shout out)



To normal people, such as myself and you (hopefully), we would think that anime is a small part of Japanese pop culture as opposed to a showcase of what day to day life is like in Glorious Nippon. Yet unfortunetly there are a select group of degenerates (we will call them "weeabos"for short) who unironically believe that the Japanese people are all beautiful high school students who throw shurikens at each other in the street and have eyes the size of basketballs (See Filthy Frank video on the topic). My interest in Eastern cartoons no way reflects my views of the country so take it easy.

Now that I've explained why I'm not a disgusting weeb who runs through the streets like Naruto (like that ONE kid we all knew in high school) let's talk discuss anime like intellectuals.

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Lucky Star

A series that follows the lives of four high school girls living in an area that is based on the city of Kasukabe in Japan. The four main characters in the series are Konata Izumi, Miyuki Takara, Kagami Hiiragi, and Tsukasa Hiiragi. Konata is a lazy junior that loves video games, manga, etc and understandably dislikes homework and school. Miyuki Takara is a highsly intelligent senior that is not seen around as much as the others in the group. Kagami and Tsukasa Hiiragi are twin sisters who are also juniors along with Konata, Kagami is a very responsible person who is usually irritated by Konata's antics while Tsukasa is more soft-spoken, shy.

Why Konata is objectively best Lucky

< Adorable yawn
Will stay up and play video games with you
What she lacks in reliability she makes up for in sense of humor
Well meaning mean sprited teasing
Blue hair (if that's your thing)
Σ( ̄。 ̄ノ)ノ