99 30 facts about ME (just to see if i can come up with that many)

  1. <"img src="https://secure.static.tumblr.com/cacc7eec364c4842dd897605987a1fb1/3pehqf9/7I1nqdsac/tumblr_static_1t8m1kea0su80w8gos8o8o0co.gif">My top 10 games of all time are:
  2. my favourite computer is the ibook clamshell (i have blueberry)
  3. my second favourite computer is the imac g4 with a cinema display (i dont have this)
  4. im trying not to just make this a list of favourites but im sure thats what itll be
  5. tumblr ruined my typing style
  6. my most popular tumblr post is this one
  7. but my second most popular post is way better
  8. these arent really facts about me